Donnerstag, 18. September 2008

WELCOME to BRISIenBICI (Britta and Simon on a bicycle)

we are britta and simon from germany and we love cycle touring. you have the right speed to get to know a country with all your senses. after trips through europe and central america we wanted to fulfil our dream of a long cycling trip. we started on first of december 2006, 1500km south of buenos aires in puerto madryn/ argentina. we went to the very south of patagonia until ushuaia/ tierra del fuego and from there more or less straight north. we did reach the colombian coast two years later.

our page is mostly in german, sorry. at least the FOTOS section (travel pictures) is with english subtitles, so you could get an idea of our trip.

part of our trip was a cooperation with the german child- rights- organisation terre des hommes. the name of our project is: cycling for diversity. we did visit some of their projectpartners, mostly in bolivia, peru and columbia. our focus on our visits was cultural and biological diversity and globalization. this part of the report is just in german but you could find fotos to every project we've visited.

britta and simon
december 2008

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João Leitão TRAVEL hat gesagt…

Amazing adventure riding a bicycle. I'm at the moment traveling in South America so I search for other travelers tips and experiences. Thank you very much, greetings all the way from Venezuela!